Featured in Tyler Paper for Helping People and Clinics during Pandemic.

Featured in Tyler Paper for Helping People and Clinics during Pandemic

COVID - 19 erupted suddenly towards the end of 2019 and spread throughout the world like a wildfire within a couple of months. Needless to mention, no one was prepared for such a pandemic, neither the patients, nor the healthcare providers. It hit us so bad that going out for basic requirements of our daily life became threatening. Even the healthcare sector was open for very essential services. The small healthcare business owners suffered huge losses as the patients preferred staying indoors that go out to get their treatment done.

In such a time of need, TheraNow emerged as a savior. TheraNow, although providing premium therapy services via telehealth and conventional home visits over the past couple of years, became more essential for the patients and the clinic owners alike than ever before. The compassionate founders of TheraNow decided to provide telehealth (online) physical therapy services for free to anyone in need. TheraNow also decided to help the individual therapy clinic owners by letting them use the technology-backed state-of-art Web and App-based TheraNow telehealth platform without any subscription charges for three months. This helped the therapy clinics as they could now provide treatment to their patients via telehealth from the comfort of their homes without the risk of getting infected.

When the story reached Tyler Paper, they immediately got in contact with TheraNow to gather more information and spread the word through their medium so more people could benefit from the ongoing free program. Click on the button below to read the entire article.

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TheraNow is a leading HIPAA compliant pain management platform in the United States, awarded “The Most Innovative Technology” by The American Congress of Rehabilitative Medicine in 2018.

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    Dr. Ashok Gupta