KLTV features TheraNow as the Next Normal in Physical Therapy.

KLTV features TheraNow as the Next Normal in Physical Therapy

Physical therapy offices are taking extensive measures to keep their patients safe and satisfied. Some offices are even bringing physical rehab facilities to you using technology to have your physician at your fingertips. During the COVID-19 pandemic, TheraNow took a much more extensive approach to social distancing. Patients didn’t ever need to come within six feet of anyone.

Dr. Ashok Gupta told KLTV about how TheraNow has a web and mobile application -- “instead of having to actually have to come for an evaluation, or a treatment and follow-up session, 100% of the session will be done remotely. You’ll be one on one with one of our therapists who are well trained in doing an online assessment and doing your care.”

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TheraNow is a leading HIPAA compliant pain management platform in the United States, awarded “The Most Innovative Technology” by The American Congress of Rehabilitative Medicine in 2018.

#1 Exercise-Based Pain Management Platform

  • January 8
    Amazing App!.
    Amazing app for doing the home exercises my therapist prescribed. I was able to t...
    Paul Reed
  • January 11
    So happy with the services.
    Great service, especially not having to travel and wait in the office. The mobile app was e...
    Madison Cooper
  • January 15
    Interesting services.
    I couldn’t use TheraNow services that’s why I will rate them 4 stars but I do want t...
    Gomez Christopher
  • January 24
    TheraNow is a lifesaver..
    Best in class service with modern technology to build the platform and highly train...
    Dr. Ashok Gupta